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Medicare at a Glance.

Medicare insurance is a federal insurance program to a certain category of individuals. Medicare is provided to people who are 65 years and above, done cases of younger people who are disabled, people who suffer permanent kidney failure and in some cases people who have worked full-time for more than 10 years.

Medicare insurance is categorized in getting parts, as we shall discuss them in this article.

Part A Medicare.
The decision of what to include in Medicare program is not based on several factors which include the following the federal and state laws, local decision to cover a particular person made by every insurance company in each state that have Medicare insurance program and national coverage decision made by Medicare on what should be included on the cover and what is to be left out .
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When you are covered in Medicare part A, it covers the following;
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Inpatient; the days you spend in the hospital.
Medical Care from a skilled nursing hospital.
The care that the insured receive from the hospice.
Though not all, but home healthcare is also covered under Medicare.

It is therefore important for you to read and understand the coverage in part A, do that you can know what to expect.

Part B of Medicare.

There is a set rate by the Congress to be paid in Medicare part B. Each year the premium for Part B Medicare increase by a certain percentage if you are late for enrollment. By a certain percentage, the premium for Medicare increases in each year if you don’t sign up on time.

An important point to note is that if you don’t sign up for Part B when are eligible for it, you will have to pay a penalty for late enrollment. There are specific things that are covered in part B of Medicare which include the following; the outpatient services, the medical supplies, the doctor’s fees, and the preventive services.

Part C of Medicare.

Also referred as advantage plus plan, part C of Medicare is usually offered by private companies who work together with Medicare to provide you with the benefits of part A and part B. When you are covered in part C, the Medicare services are not paid by the initial Medicare but in the plan. itself The following are what covered in Medicare Advantage plan; health maintenance organizations, Medicare medical savings account plans, preferred provider Organizations, special needs plans and private fee for service provider.

Part D.

This part of Medicare adds the drugs prescribed to you by your doctor to the original Medicare, to Medicare medical savings, to specific Medicare cost plans and to certain Medicare private fee for services plans

Call for action.
It is very important to enroll in the Medicare plans so that you can enjoy all the benefits that these plans have.

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