Best Halal Restaurants in Lombok: Chapter GiliTrawangan

Best Halal Restaurants in Lombokwould not be something you need to pay attention to when in fact you are a non-Moslem. To those who practice the belief, however, the presence of a restaurant that serves halal menus would be a blessing. With tight-knitted law regarding halal and haram, Moslem travelers are bound to their belief so finding out about where they should go for having meals is so important a thing that they need a guide for it. While it is situated right to world-class travel destination, Bali, Lombok Island seeks to rise to fame on par with its neighbor with a different taste to begin with. Where Bali is drenched in influences from the West, Lombok emphasizes on its Moslem background and designs itself as a travel destination that focuses on Moslem tourists. It does not mean that the non-Moslems are forbidden to the island either but the fact that even the hotels in this island encourage no-alcohol policy; it should be easy to perceive that is where it aims at. The moniker of “the island of 1,000 mosques” helps cement this image, which further promotes Moslem-friendly holiday environment. A Moslem tourist would find it easy to hold his/her daily prayers while enjoying the vacation just as it is to fill their belly up.

This is also where confusion and headaches may stem from. With so many establishments (of any scale and scope), you are bound to have a hard time deciding which place to go to. Best Halal Restaurants in Lombok online reviews, therefore, could be something that helps ease your conundrum should you find yourself in such a situation. The reviews being online means that you can get information you need on the go while the reviews themselves would be enough for you to make assessment about the one place to go to. This also applies to when you are heading to GiliTrawangan.

The small island, located just some miles to the northern off-coast, is a to-die-for holiday scene. Every night is party night. But do not be alarmed just yet; it is not as hedonistic as one you may find in Bali. To be on the safe side, the Trawangan Island’s night market boasts many culinary options to choose from. The market features seafood and grill as well as vegan-/vegetarian friendly options. There are tons of smaller establishments lining the beach as well. However, you still need a guide to finding Best Halal Restaurants in Lombokgilitrawangan. Below are some of them:

  1. Pituq

This café offers a row of menus consisting of gluten-free selections in addition to fusion dishes and international.

  1. Casa Vintage

The restaurant boasts Jamaican options as well as Caribbean and its beachfront setting makes it perfect for dinner during a sunset.

  1. Danima Restaurant

The restaurant specializes in Italian food.

  1. Pizzeria Regina

Another place boasting Italian menus, pizza is this place’s specialty.

  1. KoKo Mo

This restaurant offers European menu, Indonesian dishes, as well as vegan options.

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